30 cm (11,8 Inch) – United Kingdom

The 30cm carbon steel wok is a small but accessible one that comes to the minds of many when thinking about small servings. You can shop online in the UK at Yosukata where we have an 11.8 black carbon steel wok/stir fry pan made to Japanese engineering standards and with a New Zealand Beech wood handle.

This Size is Perfect for

The 30cm carbon steel wok is ideal for servings of two or three people. It fits right into a home kitchen with either limited or frequent use for making breakfast, desserts, or simply frying diced or sliced ingredients. 

The carbon steel wok 30cm is also perfect for when you are looking to cook things that are easy to prep while recreating the unique flavour woks are known for.  

Configuration of Carbon Steel Wok 30cm

The pan has a diameter of 11.8 inches or 30 centimetres. Its thickness is measured at 1.5 mm, also called 16 gauge. The ergonomic New Zealand Beech wood handle ensures that the pan can hit high heat levels while keeping your hand cool. 

The curved bottom is built to specifications to ensure that the centre remains hotter than the sides when you cook, ensuring that the way your ingredients are heated gives them that special wok-specific flavour. 


Before shipping them out, we pre-heat our 11.8-inch pans to 315°C to pre-season them and ensure that when you do get them, they are ready to go after the mandatory home seasoning session with a bit of lard or vegetable oil. 

We also coat the pans with lacquer, wax, or oil to protect them during transit or when they sit on a shop shelf so they reach you in great condition.