Pre-seasoned Carbon Steel Woks in the UK?

A pre-seasoned carbon steel wok arrives on your doorstep, having gone through an industrial seasoning process in the factory. However, that process is not too similar to the seasoning you might do at home for one key reason – the temperature required. 

For a wok to be pre-seasoned, it has to go through heat treatment at 300 degrees Celsius, which most people can’t access at home. 

This pre-seasoning is an extra step by the manufacturer to help the wok be more manageable to season once you get it and protect it from rusting.

Features of Pre-seasoned Carbon Steel Woks

Yosukata pre-seasoned woks are a great addition to your kitchen for several reasons, including:

  • Ready to go out of the box

Readiness is a big part of using a wok. Seasoning a wok before it reaches you ensures that it won’t suffer any quality issues. After you season it at home (we always recommend this even for pre-seasoned pans), you get to enjoy the distinct flavor associated with a properly seasoned wok. 

  • Rust prevention

The pre-seasoning process ensures that the wok can withstand long periods in storage without quickly succumbing to rust. It makes the product worth buying, given how long you get to keep it in a usable condition.

  • Professional wok seasoning

Uneven seasoning, especially by beginners, can affect the quality and flavor of cooking over time. Pre-seasoned pans get you started on the process. However, we recommend following our guidelines for how to season a wok so you can season it again before use, to burn off the anti-rust coating we apply at the factory.   

  • Superb build

Here at Yosukata, we rely on carbon steel and its many desirable properties (heat distribution, heat retention, lightness, etc.) to create well-engineered, durable, lightweight, and high-quality woks that are easy to work with. These properties make pre-seasoned carbon steel woks perfect for use with an induction hob

Caring for a Pre-Seasoned Carbon Steel Wok

Since the wok is pre-seasoned, you will not have to worry too much about care, but you can’t throw caution to the wind. Seasoning the wok after receiving it using our tutorials and instructions is a great way to get started. 

After seasoning, follow proper cleaning and storage guidelines to ensure that the pan stays pristine even when not in use.

Remember, the more you use your wok, the better the patina it forms, and the more flavorful its outcomes are. 

Seasoning (Even the Best Pre-Seasoned Carbon Steel Wok Needs a Once-over)

You might wonder, “Why do you need to season a pre-seasoned wok?” After all, it has been heated to industrial strength levels. 

The primary reason is to burn off any residue that may have been left over during transit or while it was in storage (typically wax). Seasoning a pre-seasoned wok also helps prime it further and gives it that first layer of vegetable oil, which makes sliding and tossing ingredients around much more effortless. 

Check out our catalogue and take your pick from among the best pre-seasoned carbon steel wok in the UK cookware market today to get started as quickly as possible with no seasoning hitches.