Carbon Steel Woks – United Kingdom

A carbon steel wok is constructed using carbon steel, capable of withstanding the high temperatures needed in wok cooking. Woks are historically cone-shaped, or round-bottomed pans used to stir fry meats, veggies, and grains rapidly. 

Traditional carbon steel woks are the most popular in both professional and personal kitchens given that they are made using an efficient but very affordable metal.

Features of Carbon Steel Woks

The features of a carbon steel wok pan also happen to be what make it special. What are they? Let’s find out:

High-temperature ready

Non-stick woks cannot withstand very high cooking temperatures. Carbon steel can withstand the high heat needed to stir-fry while heating up quickly, especially when paired with a gas cooker. 

Suitable weight

Carbon steel woks are not just superbly built but also have the right weight to allow quick movements. Given that it is not as heavy as cast iron variants, you should have no problem tossing ingredients.

Even heat distribution

Few pan materials can beat the efficient heat distribution you get with the best carbon steel wok pans on the market. With the heavy walls, quick heating capabilities, and even heat spreading across the surface, any chef can confidently stir-fry anything they choose


A carbon steel wok pan, as the name implies, is made using carbon steel, which is renowned for its resistance to warping under heat. Proper maintenance means you can keep and use your carbon steel wok for several decades, at least. 

Gradual non-stick improvement

Apart from proper seasoning, regular use of a wok enhances its non-stick capabilities over time, making it better each time you use it. 

Dish replication

When cooking Asian dishes that are typically made using woks, nothing beats using a carbon steel wok. It aids a chef in reproducing the delicious and slightly smoky Asian dishes with as much accuracy as possible. 

Seasoning a Carbon Steel Wok

Properly seasoning a wok requires that you follow our instructions (which we provide in our knowledge base) or a procedure by a reputable wok expert. To recap, here’s how to properly season a carbon steel wok:

Wash the wok

After buying the wok, it must be washed by hand to ensure that any coating or oil used at the factory to protect against rusting is removed. Use boiled water, mild soap, and a scrubbing sponge. 

Dry the wok

After cleaning it, you should dry it with a towel before placing it on your stove. Make sure to use heavy-duty aluminium foil to cover the helper handle and the lower portion of the long handle to protect them from the open flame. 

Turn up the heat

Set the stove to high heat and ensure the area is clear of anything that doesn’t respond well to high heat. Have a heatproof mitten or dry towel nearby if you need to handle anything. 

Watch the colour

The wok will become dark brownish as the heat rises and start smoking. That means the residual oils or coatings are burning away. Turn the wok as the heat rises to ensure that each area is heated and then superheated until it turns black and blue to reveal the carbon steel beneath. 

Season each part of the pan evenly as you turn it. This part is where your foils come in handy, as they keep the handles looking pristine even under the high and direct heat. 

Depending on how hot your stove is, the heating could take some time. You know it is done when the entire pan takes on a lovely blue tint spread evenly on the surface. 

Add water

While it is still hot, add a cup of water to the carbon steel wok, taking care not to get splashed as it instantly and loudly heats up. Wait for the water to cool, then move the wok to the sink. Using mild detergent and the scrubbing pad, give it a light scrub before rinsing it off. 

Dry and heat again

Once washed, you may notice dark spots (often impurities in the carbon steel and not something to worry about) as you dry it again. 

The wok needs to be heated once again, but this time with medium heat, just to dry off any excess water. Turn the heat to low and add a tablespoon of vegetable oil, which you can spread to cover the wok’s entire surface. Heat it for about one minute and then turn off the stove. 

Wipe down the oil

Use a paper towel to wipe down the wok while it is still warm (use something to hold the paper towel, so you don’t burn). By this point, it should be shining and ready for use. 


The Right Way to Use the Best Carbon Steel Wok Pans

To boil down all the cardinal rules of proper carbon steel wok pan usage, keep these tips in mind:

  • Always season your carbon steel wok pan properly after purchase. 
  • Always wash and dry the wok after each cooking session and wipe it with vegetable oil to maintain it when not in use. 
  • If any strong scents remain after you cook some foods, follow the basic seasoning practices to heat off any residuals. 
  • Always wash the wok before using it when neglected for a long time. 
  • A wok is not dishwasher safe.
  • Always wash the wok after cooking acidic or vinegar-containing dishes, as they can wear away the surface of a carbon steel wok. 
  • Use your wok regularly to maintain its shine and functionality. 

The recommendation to regularly use the wok ensures that you inadvertently season it over time, keeping it rust-free and enhancing its non-stick capabilities. 

Why should you buy carbon steel wok pans?

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