Carbon Steel Round Bottom Woks – United Kingdom

Carbon steel round bottom woks have a rounded/curved base. With a long history that traces its roots to China thousands of years ago, the round bottom wok is a mainstay in the kitchen that is seeing widespread usage in a classic case of cultural sharing. 

Features of a Carbon Steel Round Bottom Wok

The following features characterize the round bottom Yosukata carbon steel wok:

  • It is made of carbon steel, a lightweight material that gives the wok balance during tossing. 
  • It comes with a natural non-stick surface from the manufacturing process that improves with frequent use, proper seasoning, and overall mindful care. 
  • It comes in sizes ranging from 7.9 to 14 inches, allowing you to choose a perfect fit for your burner. 
  • If you want to do some stir-frying, nothing works better than a round base wok, especially for home use. 
  • The round bottom wok may sometimes require you to get a wok ring designed for gas stoves for easier handling while in use. 

Configurations of the Round Bottom Wok

The round bottom carbon steel wok has a curved base that gives it its distinct look and makes it perfect for its prescribed uses. 

  • It traditionally has comfortable handles to allow proper wielding of the wok and tossing of ingredients.
  • You can get the pan in sizes that range from 7.9 to 14 inches, covering all customers (home and commercial).
  • Round bottom carbon steel woks have unique heat distribution concentrated in the centre to produce the unique flavour woks are known for. 

The Best Round Bottom Wok Usage

As with any woks, frequent use (not necessarily daily) is advised to maintain and enhance the patina layer that gives carbon steel round bottom wok its nonstick properties. You should not use a round bottom carbon steel wok on a flat stove or electric stove. 

The Best Carbon Steel Round-bottom Wok Care

When you get your Yosukata round bottom carbon steel wok, it usually has a protective layer used to keep away rust. It needs to be seasoned before use. Follow our guidelines on seasoning to ensure it is done correctly. Even the best round bottom wok needs seasoning. 

New woks come with a thin manufacturing layer that has to be cleared before you can start doing some Asian cooking. To do so, use a moderately rough sponge, dish soap, and warm water to clean the wok inside and out. Wash and dry it on a low heat setting.

After that, season the wok to prevent rust and to begin creating the patina. Turn on your exhaust fan and  open the kitchen window (removing the protective layer is tough, as the wok heats and this layer melts off, it will have a strong smell), and cook the wok on high heat until drops of water evaporate when you add them. 

Cover the handle in foil and get some heat-resistant gloves to turn it to heat the areas nearest to the handles without burning them or yourself. 

Add two tablespoons of the oil to the wok and spread it around while heating each part evenly. Do this for 15 to 20 minutes. Note that it is natural for the wok’s color to change as it heats up. 


Note: Use high-heat oils (peanut, canola, sesame, sunflower, etc.) to ensure the job is done correctly. Have some eggs nearby to fry after each seasoning to test the non-stick level you achieve.


Yosukata gives the wok anti-rust protection, stores it correctly, and ships it carefully to guarantee it arrives in beautiful condition and is ready for seasoning. Shipping fees are calculated separately for each order.