Carbon Steel Woks Flat Bottom – United Kingdom

The carbon steel wok flat bottom design is a recent invention that was created for use with modern stoves and as a way to give users access to a traditional wok’s best properties, while still remaining fairly easy to use.  

Features of a Flat Bottom Wok

Flat bottom carbon steel woks have specific features that are a result of their build and the cookware they are inspired by (a regular pan and a wok). The carbon steel wok flat bottom design boasts the following features:

  • It picks up high heat quickly and evenly.
  • It responds well to the heat of regular home kitchen gas burners.
  • It is relatively cheaper than a traditional wok while offering the durability of carbon steel.
  • When seasoned well, it creates a non-stick surface that gets better with use.
  • The flat-bottomed wok makes it easy to use on normal stoves without needing an adapter (like a wok ring for round bottom variants).
  • With a lid added, it can be used to steam or boil ingredients more efficiently. 


The flat bottom wok is unlike its more popular cousin, the round-bottomed wok, because it changes the heat distribution significantly. 

  • Where the round bottom wok is curved to allow for unique heat distribution (hot in the centre and cooler towards the edges), which is perfect for things like stir fry, the flat bottom wok is all about even heat distribution. 
  • The flat bottom wok is perfect for use with any type of stove, given that it sits without assistance and has a convenient pan’s handle
  • The flat bottom carbon steel wok can be used for making stew, cooking meats, smoking fish and boiling some foods. 

Right Use

The right way to use any wok is to cook with it frequently. It is not suitable for all kinds of cooking, though, and should not be used for cooking alkaline or acidic ingredients. The flat-bottomed wok is no different. Follow proper care guidelines to keep it in shape for longer. 

The Best Carbon Steel Flat-bottom Wok Care

As we have mentioned, frequent (not necessarily daily) use is a great place to start. In addition to that, you need to season any carbon steel wok with a flat bottom to give it a protective patina that keeps it shiny and untarnished. Follow our tutorials on seasoning to get a head start. 


At Yosukata, we ensure the best carbon steel flat-bottom wok reaches you in pristine shape and is ready for seasoning by storing it properly and shipping it carefully. 

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