Not-Seasoned Carbon Steel Woks – United Kingdom

An uncoated carbon steel wok is one with no non-stick coating, except maybe oil or lacquer/wax to protect it during its time on store shelves. It must be seasoned before you cook with it. In addition, it should also be used frequently to create a non-stick patina layer. 

Features of the Yosukata Unseasoned Carbon Steel Wok

The following properties characterize the uncoated carbon steel woks:

  1. Built to handle the heat

Chefs prefer uncoated carbon steel woks, which they can season and maintain since the material is suited to high-temperature cooking, making it even more durable and non-stick. It can be used for steaming or boiling meals that require it when paired with a lid. 

  1. Creates ‘Ahei’

Ahei means “wok’s breath” or wok’s air, which refers to the flavour that comes from the high heat transferring rapidly into your ingredients. It produces the best sliced and diced ingredients by having exceptional heat distribution. 

  1. The patina is natural

With an uncoated carbon steel wok, you should note that you will have to season it yourself and create a natural non-stick layer that is superior compared to the artificially coated versions. 

  1. The shape is stable

Our carbon steel unseasoned wok is rounded but in a flattered way, however, that doesn’t make it suitable for an induction hob. 


Uncoated carbon steel woks typically look like any other wok, except without an artificial coating like aluminium or Teflon. The pan can have a shiny silver colour, a blue hue, or even a black hue, depending on the anodization process it sometimes undergoes during manufacturing to pre-season and harden it. 

We have a 14-inch uncoated wok in our catalogue that will be right at home in your kitchen when you want to prepare Chinese cuisine or make original wok recipes with the same great flavour. 

Right use

The best way to use a wok, even a not-seasoned carbon steel wok, is to use it frequently with vegetable oils to create the patina non-stick layer. In addition, it needs to be washed, dried and layered in a thin film of oil for storage to keep it rust-free. 


Using an unseasoned carbon steel wok is a great way to ensure that it continues to serve you for a long time. The best way to care for a new unseasoned carbon steel wok is to season it first before use and then storing it properly. We have handy tutorials and tips on how to do both seasoning and general care.


The unseasoned wok is often only covered in lacquer or wax for transportation and storage purposes. Shipping fees will be displayed as you complete the order/confirm it.