Black Carbon Steel Woks – United Kingdom

For many centuries in the Far East, black woks and cookware, in general, have been a favourite material for frying and cooking. Black carbon steel woks are much lighter compared to cast iron and are easier to use for tossing ingredients and stir-frying. 

What is the Black Coating on a Black Carbon Steel Wok?

During the manufacturing process of carbon steel wok pans, Yosukata fabrication experts use a surface-hardening process for steel production. You end up with an iron-oxide that imbues the wok pan with non-stick capabilities that only get better every time you use the wok to stir fry or simply fry anything. 

What Are Black Woks Made of?

Although black woks are called ‘black’ because they appear black, the dark colour results from an oil treatment (what we call “seasoning”) and not necessarily the manufacturing process. Carbon steel is frequently oil-coated and heated to absorb the oil molecules to avoid corrosion. 

This produces iron oxide, which makes the wok black and gives it some rust-prevention characteristics. It is important to note that seasoning is a transient coating that must be renewed frequently to be effective. That is why one of the best ways to keep your wok for cooking in tip-top shape is to cook with it frequently. 


As the process in the above section shows, the black carbon steel woks arrive in your hands pre-seasoned! This pre-seasoning is done to make them easy to maintain and make them less of a hassle to use than woks that haven’t been pre-seasoned. 

However, you still need to season them since each seasoning adds a patina layer that enhances their non-stick properties. 

The process breaks down like this:

  • Rinse the carbon steel wok with warm water and then dry it with a paper towel. 
  • Repeatedly coat it with oil and rub it using a brush or sponge (use one with a handle to avoid burning your hand since coating should be done while the wok is still warm). 
  • Do this coating and spread for 15 to 20 minutes while turning the wok to ensure each portion is heated evenly. 
  • It is natural for the wok colour to change as it heats up. 

Note: Use high-heat oils (peanut, canola, sesame, sunflower, etc.) to ensure the job is done correctly. Have some eggs nearby to fry after each seasoning to test the non-stick level you achieve. 

What Do You Get out of Buying the Best Black Carbon Steel Woks?

Our black carbon steel woks are made using safe materials that are pre-seasoned to ensure that your pan lasts for a long time and serves you as intended. We have a range of sizes that could feed groups of 1 or 2 people, or even as many as 5 at a go. 

You can make breakfast, dessert, or any stir-fry meal on black carbon steel woks, which only adds to their versatility. We also have accessories with a lid, chopsticks, and a ladle to complete your sets. 

Check out our catalogue and take your pick from among the best black carbon steel wok in UK cookware markets today to start tossing your ingredients too!