34 cm (13,5 Inch) – United Kingdom

The 34cm carbon steel wok is a mid-sized wok that is superbly engineered to lock in the juices and flavours. It can be used to cook some of the wok recipes you have been reading about or seen in recipes recommendations. You can buy it online in the UK at Yosukata, without or with a lid, where we provide you with options that fit not just your stove but also your serving needs. 

This Size is Perfect For

This 13.5-inch wok is perfect for when you want to make wok meals for the whole family (3-6 people). 

The cooking surface heats evenly and readily lets the ingredients move around when the wok is seasoned properly, in addition to being easy to clean and maintain. 

It is perfect for making soup, searing meat, or steaming fish. Its size allows it to fit a normal stove-top and pairs well with gas burners and induction hobs. 

Configuration of the 34cm wok

The 34cm wok has a thickness of 1.5 mm, also referred to as 16 gauge. The ergonomic New Zealand Beech wood handle keeps your hand cool even as the pan heats up. 

The curved bottom is flattened to ensure that usage with gas burners is possible without it tipping over. The traditionally curved bottom often requires wok rings to hold it in place when a wok is not on the stove. 


To ensure that our pans survive the shipping journey to reach you in pristine condition, we preseason them first in temperatures of up to 315°C, giving them their unique black (or sometimes blue) colour. 

We coat the woks with oil or wax to prevent them from rusting during transit, which is why you should season them when they arrive to add to what we already did and burn off any impurities that may have been picked up during transportation or while sitting in a shop.