36 cm (14 Inch) – United Kingdom

The 14-inch carbon steel wok sits only about a centimetre higher in terms of diameter compared to its smaller iteration, the 35cm/13.5-inch wok. They occupy just about the same space in the market and are built to cater to anyone looking to introduce the magic of wok cooking into their kitchens. 

You can shop online in the UK at Yosukata, where we provide you with options that fit not just your stove but also your serving needs. They are also the right size for most family-sized gas burners or induction hobs. 

This Size is Perfect for

The 14-inch wok is perfect for making meals for 6-7 servings. That means it is perfect for many home kitchens. 

Like any of its bigger or smaller variations, it is built with carbon steel to make sure that it is lightweight while maintaining all of the heat properties woks are associated with. With it, you can recreate all the wok recipes you have dreamed about. 

In addition to the perfect size, it is also easy to maintain and clean. It can be used for various things, including boiling and steaming when paired with a lid. 

Configuration of the 14-inch Wok

The pan has a diameter of 36cm or 14 inches, making it spacious enough to try some of that tossing of ingredients you have been dreaming about and make enough to feed a whole family. 

It comes fitted with a New Zealand Beech wood handle that gives you a good grip while you cook and is built ergonomically to be comfortable. 

The bottom is flattened to ensure that the 14-inch carbon steel wok can be safely used in modern kitchens. Traditional woks generally have a fully curved surface that can only be out on the table if you have a wok ring. 


To guarantee that our pans arrive in perfect shape, we preseason them in temperatures as high as 315 degrees Celsius, giving them their distinctive black (or sometimes blue) appearance.

We treat the 36cm woks with oil or wax to keep them from rusting during shipping, which is why you should season them when they arrive to add to what we did and burn out any impurities picked up during transportation or while in a shop. A 14-inch carbon steel wok also gets that patina non-stick layer after seasoning.